Astro Baby Club is a community of NFTs wandering in the infinite Ethereum galaxy. Each Astro Baby is randomly born and made up of completely unique combinations of 200+ traits.

Though each Astro Baby is different, they share one goal: to navigate life in space. There will always be tough times and bad in the universe, but Astro Babies remain pure, happy, and positive – together we can get through anything the galaxy brings us.


Roadmap 1.0 represents the first flight path into the web3 horizon. There are bigger and brighter ideas coming in the next plan. Astro Baby Club wants to take risks with new ideas, but also tread carefully. Providing long-term, sustainable value to ABC holders is our mission.

The Team



From Los Angeles, California – a veteran in the NFT and crypto business.

Loves art, playing sports, and supporting creators.



NFT enthusiast and Editor of Block Journal based in New York. Background in international business.

Loves basketball, traveling, and all things web 3.0.


Lead Artist

Multidisciplinary artist, explorer, diehard Clippers and Sharks fan, avid video gamer, general degenerate.

Based in Bay Area, California.

Rainbow Unicorn Panda


Visual Journalist, Illustrator, virtual character, and Graphic Designer based in Tokyo.

Loves recording cultures, gathering stories, and camping.



Digital, Industrial and CAD designer from Pratt Institute based in Brooklyn, NYC.

Loves handcrafts, cooking, and animals. Absolutely love cats.


Nobody knows everything! Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

NFT stands for “non-fungible token”. NFTs are unique collectible pieces on the blockchain. The most popular NFTs (currently) live on the Ethereum or Solana blockchains (Astro Baby Club will be on Ethereum). 

NFTs can be digital art in any form, graphics, images, video, music, etc. NFTs can provide many functions, they’re often are used as profile pictures or avatars in the digital world. Most commonly, NFTs are owned as art or membership cards.

Trading NFTs is similar to trading any other collectible – even similar to trading cryptocurrencies or stocks. There are many risks involved in trading NFTs, as they can be extremely volatile. There are also many NFTs that have exceptional communities and have done very well as investments. But, do exercise caution and due diligence before making any decisions!
Ethereum is the technology that powers how most NFTs and cryptocurrencies exist on the blockchain. It is also used as fees for signing transactions. You can learn more about Ethereum here.
You can purchase NFTs by using Ethereum (ETH). First, you’d have to establish a wallet which will be used to store the cryptocurrency you will be using to purchase NFTs: either through “minting” or “secondary sales”.
Metamask is a crypto wallet which can store your Ethereum. A wallet like Metamask is required to mint an Astro Baby Club NFT. Having a wallet will give you a public key (i.e. 0x5555…1234) which will act as your wallet’s identity number. This is also where your NFTs can be stored. Learn more about Metamask here.
Minting is the process of creating something on the blockchain. Once the information is validated, new “blocks” are created and information is stored on the blockchain. You can “mint” an NFT by spending Ethereum to put it onto the blockchain and in your wallet.
If you miss an opportunity to “mint” an NFT you can still trade, buy, or sell NFTs on the “secondary market”. These are platforms like OpenSea or LooksRare which facilitate trades of NFTs between users.
Your newly minted will appear in your wallet which you used to mint or purchase the NFT.
The Whitelist (“Astro List” we call it!) is a reward for engaging with Astro Baby Club through art, support, or discussion. Once you receive a Whitelist/Astro List, you essentially receive a “pass” to be guaranteed to mint an Astro Baby when minting is live. Whitelists are not transferable.

Astro Baby Club NFTs will mint on July 21 at 11AM PST / 2PM EST. Whitelist will mint first at a price of 0.025 ETH per NFT (each wallet will be able to mint up to 2). The whitelist presale will be open for 12 hours.

The public sale will open after that until sold out. The public sale price is 0.035 ETH.

Full mint details

The floor price is the lowest price that an NFT is listed for sale for on the secondary markets. Most platforms like OpenSea or LooksRare will show the floor price of each NFT.
The best place to start would be to follow our social media Channels. Astro Baby Club’s Twitter is a great place for updates from the team. The Astro Baby Club Discord is the best place to be able to communicate and chat with ABC supporters, fans, and the team. You can also follow our Instagram for just cute photos!